KORE Marketing’s commitment to you and your project is this: we will always communicate clearly while doing everything in our power to help your development succeed. We will create a unique marketing experience that showcases the unique features and benefits of your development, in a way that will attract buyers from your target market. Finally, we will work with you to build success that stretches through the years.


KORE Marketing offers an all-inclusive consultation process. We begin by discussing what you hope to achieve with your development. This is dependent on whether you’re looking to develop luxury homes, mid-priced units targeted toward a downsizing older generation, or anything in between. Once we understand the target market of your project, we will help you avoid pitfalls and build a successful development by using a variety of tools.

Product Optimization

The homes you design and build need to be optimized for your target demographic. Our experience selling homes to a variety of demographics will help us pinpoint what features your target market finds favorable.

Competitive Market Analysis

KORE’s competitive market analysis will show you what other developments in the city are targeting the same market as you, and what price point they’re offering. By carefully analyzing your competitors and presenting our findings, we will help you understand how competing developments will interact with yours, thus enabling you to make educated decisions regarding your project.

Feasibility & Marketability Reports

In order to make a knowledgeable assessment of how to move forward, you need to understand the odds of your project selling successfully. KORE’s feasibility and marketability reports will detail market trends and offer a probability on your development selling successfully.

Focus Groups

We hold strategic focus groups to gauge public opinion on your development. We will build a focus group comprised of your target demographic to provide you with honest feedback. By posing strategic questions and allowing your target audience to make hypothetical decisions, we provide you with the data to make necessary adjustments to your development and ensure its success.

Pricing Strategy

The price point assigned to your units has a direct impact on the success of your development. Your price point must be low enough that your leads find value, yet high enough to create a profit. Our analysis of the market and subsequently created strategy will help you find a balanced price point that allows home-buyers to find value while your business profits.


Once we have an in-depth understanding of the product type your target market desires, and have presented our findings to you, we will strategically formulate a marketing plan designed to sell homes efficiently for a maximum price. Our marketing plan is composed of 3 primary aspects.


We will outline what we determine to be a realistic dollar figure to make your project a household name.

Marketing Schedule

One of the keys to a project’s success is strategic implementation of the marketing plan. Timing is paramount. Our transparency will allow you to know exactly when, why, and how we’re going to execute your uniquely formulated plan in order to maximize your profits.

Real Time Reporting

By utilizing real time reporting, we are able to determine how effective each aspect of our marketing strategy is, and thus immediately adjust your budget accordingly to maximize efficiency.


Once you fully comprehend and approve KORE’s marketing plan and the associated budget, we proceed with implementation in order to build recognition and hype for your brand and project. We use a variety of in house tools to do this, and it begins with defining your brand identity.

Name Development

Your development’s name must match the neighborhood’s style while attracting your target demographic. Luxurious developments command names that emanate luxury and wealth; similarly, other types of developments benefit immensely from names suitable to their target demographic.

Logo Design

Your logo sets you apart from the market and connects your client’s mind to your project. Your unique logo will be designed to ignite and inspire.

Brand Guidelines

We will establish and adhere to a strict set of brand guidelines to convey the professionalism and theme of your project. Everything from color scheme to font usage and acceptable margins will be outlined in your brand standard to ensure your marketing remains cohesive.


We will design and prepare all of your stationary needs. Letterheads, notepads, business cards, and sales packages for the show suite will all be designed for you.